What is the Peer Mentor Model?

An integral element of our program is peer mentorship.  In an environment free of judgment, the mentors provide support and parent training to new families that join our program. Each family is paired with a peer mentor who has completed the program with his/her own child and gone through the peer mentor training program. Each family will receive guidance each session in an up close and personal way from someone who was once in your shoes to help you succeed. 

Each Peer Mentor Program includes the following:

  • Individualized Peer Mentor/Parent time
  • Psychologist and Parent Educator co-lead group session time
  • Group discussion
  • Psychologist observations on site of your child in the Behavioral Intervention classroom
  • Developmental Screening, if applicable
  • 10 weeks of in-depth individualized sessions
Why Be a Peer Mentor

Every Peer Mentor has his/her own reason(s) for being a peer mentor, but when asked these were some of the responses we received:

  • to assist another family through the journey you went through
  • to develop relationships with other peer mentors
  • to connect with families in a judge free zone 
  • to share stories, knowledge, and ideas with other families
  • to problem solve and discuss concerns within your own family
  • to gain further confidence and support
  • to be a weekly touchstone and be accountable for my own parenting
  • to continue BI childcare while I was gaining more insight in the parent room
  • to get the ear of a child psychologist for hard questions
  • to help a mentor-in-training join this great community
What is a “Peer Mentor-In-Training?”

A Peer Mentor-In-Training is a parent who more recently graduated from the TC program who will shadow an experienced Peer Mentor for one cycle before becoming a Peer Mentor. 

Peer Mentor GroupsWednesday Mornings (9:30 AM to Noon)

  • Rolling Admission to begin this Fall on October 11, 2023