by: Cara Gaziano

Want to understand the brain science behind why positive parenting works?  Want to know why the behavioral strategies taught by Tuesday’s Child are so effective, not only in encouraging compliance and making your home more peaceful, but also in shaping the development of your child’s brain?  No Drama Discipline, by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, is an easy to read explanation of a complicated subject.  Siegel and Bryson use real life examples and appealing analogies to illustrate what transpires in a child’s brain when they have a meltdown or “flip their lid”.   No Drama Discipline describes how parents can help their child transition from the chaos of a tantrum to a calmer, more regulated state.  The strategies provided by Siegel and Bryson are consistent with the parenting principles in the Tuesday’s Child curriculum, and give parents a few more tools in their toolbox.  More importantly, the book will give parents a clear understanding of why the positive parenting model provides both short and long term benefits to your developing child.

Book Review: No Drama Discipline