“My parents brought me to Tuesday’s Child when I was a toddler. My mom likes to say that I was “incredibly strong-willed and intelligent”. Other people in my family say that I was, “Just terrible!”
I refused to walk anywhere and insisted on riding in the stroller even though I was too big for it. I didn’t like to wear a coat and refused to let my mom zip me into it. I drew on the walls with lipstick and permanent marker and then blamed it on my imaginary friend. I cut up my mom’s new curtains because I said I needed them to make my baby doll a blanket.

When my parents took me to Tuesday’s Child everything changed. They learned how to set consistent limits and also give positive rewards. I still remember the pictures all over the house of me doing things like brushing my teeth or taking a bath. When I did those things without throwing a tantrum, I got a sticker.

I am now 26 and I am almost nothing like that little toddler. I still think that I am strong-willed and independent and I know what I want, but I can also balance that with what I should do and what other people might want me to do.

I got a degree in Spanish and Sociology from UIUC and now am a Spanish teacher for 1st through 8th grade. Everyday I see the benefits of how our school and community both set limits and express love and encouragement for these kids, just like my parents did for me.”

– Nancy


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