“I searched for Tuesday’s Child for my very strong willed, stubborn child who would laugh at me when I tried to chase him down for diaper changes. He didn’t listen to a thing I said. Everything was a battle. At the time, Tuesday’s Child was very new, and I waited six months to start the program. The first day, Rich told me that here at Tuesday’s Child, we believe in changing the parent, and that changes the child. I will never forget the stab I felt in my heart. I then started the best journey of my life with the best of the best staff found anywhere. You are in incredibly caring, competent, experienced hands. Together with Tuesday’s Child, you will make a difference. And not just for now. It will flow into all areas of your life forever. I promise you that. Ryan is now a successful student at IIT, majoring in Computer Science, and one of his passions is also Tuesday’s Child. The little boy who was smarter than me (some things never change) and could outsmart me, who taught me more about myself than I could have ever predicted, is also my best friend. I am forever blessed, and I know you will be as well.”

– Janet Ellison


Janet and Ryan completed our Behavioral Intervention program.
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Janet & Ryan Ellison